Terms and Conditions:

To qualify for Palmchip IP:

  • Program Ends: March 31st,2010. 
  • License Term: 1 year. 
  • You are a registered company. 
  • You can provide physical address, bank information, company or personal references.
  • Limit one IP core per customer.
  • Your company and/or your country do not have restriction or embargo for American technologies. 
  • You are not Palmchip competitor. 
  • You are not an IP company. 
  • You are not Palmchip Employee or related to Palmchip Employee. 
  • Palmchip only provides email support not to exceed 4 hours. 
  • Palmchip reserve the rights to cancel SocStart IP program, modify or add or remove certain IP cores from SocStart IP program. 
  • Palmchip has the right to deny or grant license to anyone. 
  • Palmchip makes no representation or warranties of any kind. 
  • No IP will be deliver unless customer signs Palmchip Technology Licensing Agreement.
  • All IP cores are provided on “AS IS” basis. 
  • Palmchip takes no responsibility of customer or licensee’s project delay or success or failure. 
  • No sublicensing rights. 
  • No modification rights. 
  • You will not reverse engineer. 
  • You will indemnify Palmchip. 
  • If you are current Palmchip customer. You may not qualify for Free IP. 
  • You will pay sales tax where applicable. 
  • You are authorized to sign Palmchip Technology Licensing agreement. 
  • You will sign Palmchip NDA. 
  • If you have consultants, they may need to sign Palmchip NDA.
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