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The 8051 is still a very popular controller which is being embedded in application specific system on chip (SoC) designs in today’s market. This can be seen from its usage in Wireless Sensor Networks, Home Appliance Network(HAN), Zigbee, RFID, and removable storage market areas. The migration toward cloud computing has increased demand for smart grid network, which enables remote green energy management,where at home appliances could be controlled from smart phones or PC to save energy. The Palm8051 has been designed keeping in mind this particular market.


  • Single Clock Cycle Instruction Execution
  • 256 bytes of On-chip Data RAM
  • Up to 256Kbytes of Program Memory
  • Dual Data Pointers
  • Standard 2 16-bit timers/counters
  • 6 Source/5 Vector interrupt structure with two priority levels.
  • No multiplexed I/O ports
  • 32 General purpose I/O Ports
  • Full Duplex Serial Port
  • Wait state support for slow external peripherals
  • Fully synchronous design

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