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Palmchip Licenses AcurX51 Smart Grid Platform to Greenvity Communications

Greenvity to Use Palmchip 8- and 16-bit Embedded Processors for Smart Energy and Home Area Network Silicon Solutions and Gateways.

SANTA CLARA, CA--(Marketwire - Aug 23, 2011) - Palmchip and Greenvity Communications today announced that Greenvity has licensed Palmchip's AcurX Smart Grid platform for use in Greenvity's smart energy and Home Area Network (HAN) based solutions.

The Palmchip AcurX Smart Grid platform includes 8- and 16-bit processor cores, Smart Grid energy security engine for Powerline Communications (PLC) IP cores plus other pre-integrated peripheral IP cores. The Palmchip solution will provide Greenvity's smart energy and HAN-based solutions with the programming capability and required security engine to differentiate in the smart energy market. Greenvity will use Palmchip technology as the embedded processor in its future system-on-chip (SoC) connectivity products aimed at the smart meter, home energy management gateway and appliance markets.

Greenvity currently is developing smart energy SoC products based on its reliable and robust PLC technology, which is compatible with the industry HomePlug Green PHY specification. Communication over power grids is difficult due to severe noise from different types of appliances and power loading. Greenvity offers unique and innovative techniques to enhance the levels of sensitivity for detecting signals under noisy conditions and in different environments. Supporting different frequency bands around the world that can be used indoors or outdoors, Greenvity's PLC technology solutions are aimed at a variety of applications from smart grid to smart meter and energy-efficient appliances.

"Greenvity is developing robust connectivity solutions for the growing number of electronics and appliances found in our daily lives," said Hung Nguyen, CEO of Greenvity Communications. "The performance, low power and small area of Palmchip's embedded processors met our overall system needs and will help us bring total solutions to market that allow consumers to optimize their energy consumption through efficient control and automation of devices connected to their home gateways."

"Palmchip is pleased to provide a low cost and ultra low power platform to Greenvity," said Maha Zaidi, Palmchip president and COO. "We believe that our technology will add value to Greenvity's innovative and power-efficient smart energy management based solutions."

About Palmchip Corporation:
Founded in 1996, Palmchip is a leader in system-on-chip platforms including IP cores for mobile and storage devices, embedded software, firmware, middleware, software applications and custom service and support delivering market differentiating concept-to-product silicon. Palmchip's AcurX series of Plug-in-Ready Smart Grid, HAN SoC Platforms, provide control functions and sensor management while insuring the lowest-power, highest-performance and smallest footprint silicon solutions. Palmchip powered products can be found on the market today in many mobile and storage applications such as WiFi, network security, Bluetooth, Zigbee, data storage SSD, HDD, DVD devices and more. Please visit for more information.

About Greenvity Communications:
Greenvity is transforming the smart energy management and Home Area Network (HAN) markets with its innovative and patent-pending smart connectivity technologies. Greenvity develops Powerline Communications (PLC) system-on-chips and unique energy management technologies to enable the ultimate connectivity for a wide range of smart energy applications in the smart meter, home gateway, smart appliance, solar and electric vehicle markets. With full operations beginning in 2010, Greenvity is a well-funded, privately held company based in Silicon Valley.

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