Conference and White Papers

SoC Bus ArchitecutreBill GordanDownload
Connecting Multi-Source IP to a Standard On-Chip ArchitectureBill DittenhoferDownload
Configurable Memory Control for System-on-Chip DesignsBill GordanDownload
Developing Configurable IP for System-on-ChipBill Gordan, Ashwin RaoDownload
Meeting High-Performance Memory Requirements for SoC DesignsBill GordanDownload
Configurable IP Speeds SoC DevelopmentBill GordanDownload


Organized test code furthers firmware reuseLinda YangEE TimesDownload
Downturn brings windfallJauher ZaidiEE TimesDownload
Future success of SoCs and platforms lies in verificationLyle AdamsEE TimesDownload
Adding net functions to GHz chipsLyle AdamsEE TimesDownload
Design reuse expands across industryRon WilsonEE TimesDownload
Burning rubber on the SoC freewayNicolas MokhoffEE TimesDownload
PalmChip bus patent threatens most SoCsRon WilsonEE TimesDownload
SoC Technology can relieve many design pressuresJim VenablePortable DesignDownload
Atmel empowers system-on-chip ASICsPortable DesignDownload
Platform-based design: Blocks and buses lead the wayGabe MorettiEDNDownload
Palmchip Rolls Digital SoC PlatformEDNDownload
Palmchip Intros Multi-Channel DDR Shared Memory Processor CoreMark LongEDNDownload
Who will succeed in the next centuryJauher ZaidiDownload
Successfully selling soft IPMike CaliseSilicon StrategiesDownload
Existing System Design Methods to Ease SoC DesignMark SchetrumEE TimesDownload
Co-Development Means Faster Time-to-Market with a Better ASICLyle AdamsElectronic NewsDownload
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