Cyber Security

Palmchip Security Solutions help B2B and B2C markets. Our Real-Time, data mirroring and data monitoring Cyber security solutions addressing efficient and custom data protection requirements and challenges facing midsize and small Business to Business and to Consumer Market. Our Clients are in various domains including Healthcare, AgTech, FinTech, Data centers and Aerospace.

Palmchip Cyber Security Services

Services are tailored to meet our Clients needs and covers four areas from consulting which include assessment of your current physical, network setup, and networked assets, to training of staff, to monitoring, and to incidence response.


Palmchip provides complete security assessment services from physical to network and networked computer assets. Our Clients get complete evaluation for their data protection and vulnerabilities through investigative assessment reports with custom recommendations for security processes, policies and solutions to protect their assets.


Palmchip provides on-site and off-site training for C-Level Executives and Employees to make them aware of current trends and threats created by Cyber Hackers and Social Media and recommended policies and processes.

Monitoring / SOC

Our Clients receive 24/7 Cyber Threat monitoring and reporting service for each computer, Laptop and mobile asset connected to their network.

We setup Security Operation Center (SOC) at our client site and provide remote monitoring and incident reports.

Incidence Response

Palmchip provides its Clients with services to remedy, identity and mitigate data breach by providing recommendation and or help in restoring their system after a Cyber Attack Incident.

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