Palmchip Employee Benefits Information

We offer a comprehensive Employee Benefit package designed with the growing and changing needs of our eligible employees and their families. Company’s growth and future success is highly dependent on our people. We strive to enhance and provide the most effective and dynamic benefit program to our valuable resources.

Regular full-time employees. Coverage for most benefits begins a month after date of hire.
Equal Opportunity Employer
We encourage excellence at all levels and are not influenced by race, gender, color, age, disability, religion or any other factor irrelevant of doing a great job..
Cost Sharing
Coverage of medical portion based on family size and dependents. Employees may cover their eligible dependents; spouse, unmarried dependent children under age 19, or 25 (full-time students).
Medical Plan
Depending on location we offer HMO and POS plan, or an Indemnity Plan to meet your family’s varying needs. Health care plan can be used at substantially reduced out-of-pocket expense staying within the network or at higher cost outside the network.
Dental Plan
Our comprehensive dental plan allows members to use either participating providers or go out of network for their services without compromising benefits.
Vision Plan
Our supplemental vision plan allows members to have additional benefits within the network of providers as well as benefits outside of the network.
401 (k) Plan
Employees may contribute up to 15 percent of gross pay, up to the maximum allowable limit determined by the IRS. The funds' risk levels range from low to very high, allowing you flexibility to plan your future retirement with a wide spectrum of options.
Paid Time Off
Full-time employees receive twelve (12) holidays, minimum ten (10) vacation days and five (5) sick days per year.
Life & Accidental Death Dismemberment
We provide basic Life & Accidental Death & Dismemberment protection in the amount of $100,000.
Worker's Compensation Insurance
Provision of payment for medical treatment for employees who are injured on job, as well as some benefits for time lost on job.

This information may change without prior notice.

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