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Advances in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and 5G technologies will not only help Business to increase productivity. It will also help hackers to find new vulnerabilities in IoT devices, connected automobiles, robots and remote workforce. Today’s Cyber Hackers are very sophisticated and update with the latest technologies.

In the AI & ML world, Cybersecurity breaches and threats are alarmingly increasing in frequency and complexity. These cybersecurity challenges coupled with the increase in the internet flow of information is creating a widening gap in the ability of internally skilled resources to respond. This gap is causing tremendous risks, losses and negatively impacting organizations. Palmchip cybersecurity solutions and services focuses on filling the gap one organization at a time by simplifying cybersecurity complexity, and keeping organizations secure and more productive. How your company can reduce cyber attacks or protect your important data. Please contact us at info@palmchip.com


To improve and enhance quality of life by creating leading edge and wide reaching technologies and solutions.


To create technologies and solutions for a connected and secure world.


Our team consists of innovators, entrepreneurs and have years of experience in senior leadership positions in Fortune 500 companies and Silicon Valley startups. Palmchip team distinguishes itself by the expertise and pioneership in secure System on a single Chip and Cybersecurity technologies. Our team strives to stay ahead of the curve, continuously thinking outside the box to develop next generation technologies and solutions that benefit our customers.


Palmchip has been a pioneer in System on a Chip (SoC) hardware, firmware and software since 1996. Palmchip Platform solutions for Network, Storage and Mobile applications have been designed in billions of devices.

In 2000, Palmchip introduced Single Chip (SoC) Platform and Intellectual Properties (IP) with built-in security powered over a Billion Network Security, Storage, Telecom, Wireless, IoT, Powergrid and WiFi devices to-date.

In 2004, Palmchip sold its Storage IP business group to Mentor and acquired a company to focus on internet Security. This group expanded and open two design centers in Lahore and Islamabad Pakistan.

In 2009, Palmchip extended vertically its offering, to include Custom Mobile and Desktop Application Development for Security, Business Productivity and IoT Applications.

In 2012, Palmchip sold its Pakistan SoC group to Open-Silicon to focus on Cyber Security, Custom Mobile and Desktop Application Development in IoT Applications.

In 2015, Palmchip expanded its Security offering to include Cyber Security Solutions and Services to B2B and B2C markets by introducing Real-Time, data mirroring and data monitoring Cyber Security solutions addressing efficient and custom data protection requirements and challenges facing midsize and small Business to Business and Business to Consumer Market. Our Clients are in various domains including Healthcare, Banking, Data Centers and Aerospace.

In 2017, Palmchip partnered with an Aerospace company to develop autopilot and autonomous navigation for airplane and UAV/UAS. The Autopilot Edge artificial intelligence (EAI) module helped in finding the shortest routes to save fuel.

Palmchip at a Glance

Founded in 1996 with the idea to invented a System on a Single Chip (SoC) platform with very low power consumption, high performance, reducing design cycle, die size and eventually enabling lower cost to far reaching consumer devices, smartphone, wifi hub, setup boxes, portable storage devices, security appliances and IoT devices.

Palmchip enabled over 3+ billion devices in the IoT Security, Storage and wireless networking market. Palmchip provided Custom Software development for Cyber Security, Storage and Networking to Fortune 1000 companies such as Microsoft, Intel, MicroSemi, Seagate, Fireye, Maxtor, LSI Logic, WiChorus (Tellabs), iAccess technologies and Broadcom to name a few.

Please Email us at: info@palmchip.com or Call: 1 (949) 750-2030 for more information on our solutions and services.


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